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Corset Chair, 2012 - Experimental project in response to problems endemic to big cities where people have increasingly less space due to the city's rapid growth.
Lack of space ever the problem as high-rise buildings, every inch of soil does matter in big cities. We has came up with furniture design solutions intended to address some of these aspects through ease of packing, transporting and installing.
The Project called Flatpack Project.
Courtesy of : Dayu Fatsy Asyari/APTIDATI
Rattan Easy Chair, 2008 - Easy chair is commonly known using fabric materials.

Not with this chair. It explore rattan as local material in Indonesia and combined it with modern design (metal legs)

Courtesy of : Dayu Fatsy Asyari
Product Design & Installation
Dayu Fatsy Asyari
Bachelor of Design (S.Ds) DKI Jakarta, Indonesia