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Teleconference Chair - Assignment: Design a conference chair for the year 2010

My feeling was by 2010, a greater number of Engineers, Executives and Designers would be working remotely from home offices, interacting with a worldwide business community (and timezones) Computers will have shrunk in size enough that one could reside in the base and keyboards will be part of a touchscreen. I stand by my 2002 vision.

NURBS model created in Alias Wavfront.
1/4 scale model handbuilt in carbon/epoxy
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Project for MFA Industrial Design 2002: Design a Conference chair for the year 2010.
My predictions:
> Increase use of Teleconferencing
> Longer hours working through
many time zones.
> Telecommuting
> Keyboard-less computers

Doug Baxendell
Senior Industrial Designer/ Engineer Raleigh, NC