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Patents: Fire / Explosion Suppression and deteection for Military Ground Vehicles
Patents: Fire / Explosion Suppression and deteection for Commercial Aircraft
Two major issues were delaying the launch of Xerox's flagship DucuTech copier. One of the issues was wavy line distortion caused by a wave in the photoreceptor. There were lots of concepts on ways to reduce the wave, but nothing seemed to have much of an impact. My original challenge was to design a fixture to measure the wave without contacting the photoreceptor, while the belt is running, then to create a graphic standard and map all of the concepts tested
EnterI came to the DocuTech group to design / develop a fixture and process to measure a wave in the photoreceptor that was adversely affecting image quality. I've always been an idea guy, so when put into a brainstorming situation, I am liable to come up with some crazy ideas. This one was so crazy that it worked! Your Description Here
Patent Publication: Application of inkjet printing on sythetic rice paper, to be laminated into Action Sport Products. This technology allowed custom one-off full color graphics to be inexpensively added to surfboards, skateboards, snowboards, boats, etc.
This composite guitar neck was molded in one shot, with inserts and a truss rod in place using a prototype mold and epoxy resin transfer.
A ratcheting adjustable wrench is considered the Holy Grail of hand tools. Most fail the ASTM torque test. This one didn't. The concept that made it work came from a totally unrelated application,
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Doug Baxendell
Senior Industrial Designer/ Engineer Raleigh, NC