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Retro VW combi

I drove a powder blue VW van my first two years of college. We camped in it, surfed, skated and snowboarded using it. Seeing a classic van brings back lots of great memories. I have seen the VW concepts . They are all pretty cool in their own way, but never really gave that feeling of nostalgia. I tried to incorporate the V sweep, round headlights and bumperettes. The flat-ish windshield was replaced with a Saab 900 inspired windshield. The seats are styled after the classic Recaro with halo head rests. We saw a lot of VW buses on the beach in Mexico back in the day, and I always liked the idea of the Synchro for that kind of use, so this van has been raised, and fender flairs to accommodate sand friendly tires. The wheels are also inspired by the originals. Derivative? Absolutely, and very, very intentional. I didn't want it to look like a spaceship, I didn't want it to create a rolling LED lightshow. I wanted to bring back the simple fun of the original bus.

Doug Baxendell
Senior Industrial Designer/ Engineer Raleigh, NC