Modeled with Alias, Rhinoceros, Pro Engineer and SolidWorks. Rendered and animed with Maya and 3D Studio Max.
Multidirectional movement.
Published in the professional magazine "On diseño" n. 324
Ona: multidirectional pergola with movement.

ADI-FAD 2011 Medals Finalist. Product Development Postgraduate project at Elisava Design School.

The Ona pergola is an urban furniture element capable of adapting a variety of functions such as delimiting spaces, providing shelter from the weather, meeting point or parking space. It is fitting for both urban and rural environments. Thanks to its shape and combination it can bridge unevennesses, generate circular spaces, cover already established paths or even improvise new ones, sketching out straight, diagonal and curve lines. With a modular structure, its upper section give it a gentle movement induced by the wind and controlled via a simple mechanism. This movement reduces loads and projects on the floor a play of shadow after light passes through a textile component.

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David Cáceres
Designer & 3D Modeler Barcelona, Spain