Amelia Park Children's Museum - This client was opening a new site for an existing museum and wanted to change their old logo of a children's drawn hand reaching into a starry sky. They were looking for a more professional look that still kept the feeling that the museum was for children and retained the star idea, if possible. The logo also had to be easily translated onto signs, t-shirts, collateral, etc.
Robertson Landscaping Logos - The client was starting an upscale landscape architecture business and needed a logo that reflected the mix of outdoors with fine design. The main competition in the area had red and orange colors, so I went with green and blue shades for distinction.
Christ Lutheran Church - This client felt that they were more 'hip' and fun than the usual church and wanted a new logo that would reflect this. They had already chosen purple and teal colors for another branch of their services and wanted to incorporate these colors into the new logo.
Learnings for Leaders - Learnings for Leaders is a business executive training service. They needed a logo that represented how their training would make an individual excel beyond their peers, thus the orange block among the gray.
Marilyn Micka-Pinckunka - MMP chose this logo to represent hands-on care in her fall prevention business for seniors.
Berkshire Canopy - The client was starting a new branch of his outdoor adventure business and needed a logo that utilized bright but earthy colors and showed movement. He also needed the logo to be easily translated into black and white.
Valley Ayurveda Logo - Valley Ayurveda was opening a brand new business and needed a logo that represented Ayurvedic medicine with a modern edge. This logo allowed for layering of three separate images to represent the three major areas of Ayurvedic health.
Leelyn Law - The client needed a logo that represented not just law, but also imbued a sense of solidity and security.
Danielle Carriveau
Graphic Designer Manama, Bahrain