Twins 2010 in review - This is a one-page infographic recapping the 2010 season for the Twins 2011 preview.

Responsibilities: Everything. Writing, research, graphics, etc., etc.

The Journal // April 2011
Studying Stadiums - Two-page spread in the Target Field edition of Downtown Journal.

Responsibilities: Everything. From concept to creating the button logos to research, writing and photo gathering, I handled it all.

I also created an interactive version that wasn't used for anything. That's here:

Downtown Journal // April 2010
Michael Cuddyer - A statistical breakdown of the Twins' Michael Cuddyer's career.

Downtown Journal // May 2008
Inside the MacPhail - A tour of the music center.

Downtown Journal // February 2008
Target Numbers - Downtown Journal // March 2010
Central race - A look at the 2009 Minnesota Twins division title run.

Downtown Journal // October 2009