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Skid Steer - This is a full scale Skid Steer that was built and designed for my model prototype class. As a team of 5 we had to design and build the full scale model out of nothing but pink foam and foam core in 2 weeks.
Skid steer back view
Skid Steer Side
Construction phase
Lamp Design - This is a functional hanging Lamp that was designed and then built by first carving the shape on the wood lathe and then vacume forming the shape creating this final piece.
MIB Noisy Cricket gun - This is the "Noisy Cricket" gun I made from the Sci Fi movie Men in Black. It is made using Ren foam and the wood lathe.
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Model and Prototype

A few physical models that were designed and built to full scale.

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Dean Loock
Industrial Design Student Savannah, GA