Admiral Red has a fondness for strong potions as evidenced by the redness in his face. Fingers Finnegan is a wicked trumpet player and Lil Phillip is a timid soul who has the tendency to be quite a bit of a klutz. The conjoined twins (Hans and Lans) in the photo behind "Fingers" were virtuosos of the cello but have long since passed due to a tragic ending caused by their inability to agree to disagree.
the Repo Man - Cover for the American Spectator about a feature story involving reposession in hard times
Hidden Wrestling Moves - This is an activity illustration created for WWE, in which kids have to find various wrestling moves such as DDT, Superfly splash, Atomic Drop, etc.
Recycle a can - It's a fact! Just one recycled aluminum can saves enough energy to run a small radio for more than ten hours.
Vampire Blackfly - Part of a series of Maine's mythical animals
Jumpin clams - Part of a series of Maine's mythical animals
Beetle Walker - It's a fact! In Japan giant stag beetles are often sold as pets and may go for up to $30,000
the Money Well
Measure of a Moon - It's a fact! Japan’s lunar orbiter and two satellites took 6 million measurements of the moon to create the most accurate moon map to date
Coconut Car - Illo for Scholastic about the recycling of coconut husks for car production.
Let's Get Fit!
Let's Get Fit! - Does Muscle turn to fat?
Let's Get Fit! - Is the morning really the best time to work out?
Good for your Heart
TV Watcher - Kids who watch TV while they eat, tend to eat more fat and salt and less's a fact!
Scouts washing jet - Illo for Boys Life Magazine
Traveling Johnsons - Funny feature about vacationing in Maine. For DownEast Magazine.
Stopping to pee. - Funny feature about vacationing in Maine. For DownEast Magazine.
Is it raining again? - Funny feature about vacationing in Maine. For DownEast Magazine.
Morning sun but then the fog rolls in. - Funny feature about vacationing in Maine. For DownEast Magazine.
Spicy as Hell - Self Promo
Tour de France - Self Promo
Pass the Salt - A ton of Atlantic Ocean water has about 31 pounds of salt, while a ton of water from the Dead Sea has 187 a fact! Guide Magazine
Mr Bee Face - Bees can recognize's a fact! Guide Magazine
Changing of the Guard - Cover for Youth Today. It's about the lack of available professionals to fill soon to be retired CEO positions in the Non Profit Sector.
Smelly Cristmas trees - Park managers in some locations spray their pine trees with Scrooge Christmas Tree Protector, a skunk-based product that discourages Christmas tree's a fact! Guide Magazine
Gift of Gab - It's a and women speak an average of 16,000 words per day.
Thinking inside the box - It's a fact.....low ceilings contribute to more focused detail oriented thinking.
Burger King Cupid #1 - Ad for Burger King blending a sleazy cupid with a chicken. This was the first version.
Burger King Cupid #2 - Burger King went this one instead.
Astro tourist - for a story about a space tourist who paid millions for a chance to travel in space.
Sensing Danger - Spot illo for Scholastic
Upper Class Foreclosure - Illo for Charlotte Magazine about foreclosures hitting the upper class.
How'd they do that
How'd they do that
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