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The "Cerberus"
Introduction……….“The Birth of Cerberus” Note: The artwork in the background is not my creation….
The "Cerberus" - Left Profile
The "cerberus" - Close Up Details
The "Cerberus" - Rear Quarter Occlusion Render
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This particular project happens to have a variety of inspiration sources.
Greatly inspired by the three headed hell hound "Cerberus" and the movie character "John Connor" from "The Terminator "series this creation was aimed to have a typically rustic and grunge appeal though introducing futuristic features also formed a key part.
One most important detail that I enjoyed the most was the light ring details inspired by the lately released "TRON Legacy".
Overall this was a very fun project.
Hope You enjoy it!

Comments (51)
  • looks stunning..brilliant rendering.!

    6 years ago

  • Awesome Stuff !!!! Couldn't agree more about Weird format change of Coroflot.

    8 years ago

  • Thanks Anton and Matt!! cheers!

    9 years ago

  • cool model!!!!

    9 years ago

  • why has coroflot become like behance??!!!! this is so stupid.....the old format was way better!! :/

    9 years ago

Debopam Das
Industrial Designer + CG Artist Kolkata, India