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The Hammer hovering through the ruins
Engaged in an aerial battle
Touch down at the base
3D model - Front 3/4th
3D model - Side profile
3D model - Top profile
Scale - Size comparison with Boeing 747 & F16 - Eagle
Styrofoam model - View 1
Styrofoam model - View 2
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The Hammer

I've always been a fan of the terminator series, Judgement Day being my favourite, followed by Salvation. When I was in college studying for Masters in Design ( Automotive Design ), and we had our thesis coming up, I couldn't resist the idea of finally being able to do a conceptual science fiction project.
I created an alternate plot for Salvation, complete with environment design and vehicle design. The mother-ship, code-name " The Hammer " here, is the final output of my thesis project done back in 2013.
I humbly present it to you, and i hope you will find it of interest.

Debopam Das
Industrial Designer + CG Artist Kolkata, India