Designed By Corbee Dutchburn, Rendering by Jeff Pinard
Level Coffee Table

We at Decorpro have spent a great deal of time refining this project. It took several months to complete but the results are phenomenal!
The Level Coffee Table allows you to enjoy a crackling fire in the privacy of your own home. The Table is built for a living room or a condo space. Designed as a three in one furniture piece it has a variety of options on how it can be utilized. As a fireplace the Organica BioFire Safety Fuel or Sunjel™ fuel cans create beautiful flame. For a different kind of ambiance fill the unit up with pillar candles. You can also transform the burner unit into a terrarium that can be filled with tropical plants. The options are endless.
The glass used is 8mm thick and tempered for safety, you can almost taste the material quality when you walk in the room. The Level Table has been designed for indoors use or in a protected area outdoors (sunroom or covered porch).
*Designed by the one and only Corbee Dutchburn

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