Vertikal Micro Outdoor

Vertikal Micro is a modern fireplace that can be used for entertaining and personal enjoyment. Perfect for making a bold statement when having guests over. Great for people who have limited space but would still like to enjoy the light of a flickering flame. Remove the “Cell Micro” and flip the Vertikal Micro (Outdoor) upside down, to create a large planter.
Made from a polymer based fiberglass resin, this product will never rot, mildew, split, cup or warp. This material offers an unparalleled combination of uniformity, durability and beauty. The Vertikal Micro (Outdoor) is available in our standard colours or you have the option of selecting a custom colour. Decorpro planters meet all your performance and durability requirements. Whether exposed to salt water the rough and tumble of everyday wear and tear of home or commercial use, our gel coats maintain a beautiful finish no matter how tough the conditions get.

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