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Canoe Team Logo

The challenge was to create a new logo for the MWRA Canoe Team that would be printed on team uniforms. I decided to illustrate the MWRA water droplet and surround it with a solid, bold stroke. I created the oar handles using the same stroke and placed them behind the droplet, then tied everything together by using color and negative space to illustrate the paddles. The team also wanted a catchy phrase or tagline to go with the logo to put on their shirts.

I used a play on words from the song “Dirty Water” by The Standells (a Boston classic). The song mentions the Charles River which had been previously polluted until efforts were made largely in part by the MWRA to clean it. I placed the words “Love that dirty water” beneath the logo with the word “dirty” crossed out. And the word “clean” placed above to represent the result of the change in water quality thanks to MWRA efforts.

Eddie Whitaker III
Creative Professional Boston, MA