adidas: Unleash the Beast

'Unleash the Beast' was driven by an idea of a internal branch of clothing within my favorite sporting apparel brand; Adidas. It is a personal project and only intended to demonstrate my skills.

Initially it began with the logo creation; using the 'three stripes' image of adidas to create an animalistic original logo; as well as a unique font.

I wanted to convey a raw emotion that every sports star has so I carried this animalistic feel to the various posters. Using powerful images as well as a 'scratchy' artistic style to portray this rawness.

The logo and style would be carried on through various sporting apparel; tee shirts, footwear etc.

The posters shown are an exercise of marketing and advertisement abilities, as well as demonstrating my graphic design skills.

Dejan Starcevic
Product Designer Leicester, United Kingdom