Hotel lobby - The main idea of this project is to fuse traditional style with the modern style, which is challenge by itself. As you will see on the visualizations, I've used prints on mosaic tiles with traditional patterns in black-and-white colors. Actually, the are two more gradations of gray. The forms where used:simple strait lines and traditional arcs, which gives us an impressive fillings...
View on the bar. - The bar was designed in the same style. The front of the desk is double sided, where in the front is the matte glass with build-in lights from top and bottom. The back wall of the cupboard is double sided also, with build-in lights. To get maximum of lightness, were used round glass tables.
Watterfall main wall - Here is a heart of the lobby. Actually this is a view from the entrance. On the background of the main arc is image printed on the mosaic tiles, which allows us to do incredible things, where the limit is only our imaginations. The running watter with low pressure will make effect of the "mirage" :). The watter in the side arcs runs a bit faster, hits the bottom of arcs, splashes and only after that fills the cups... That should bring to life the beauty of the Arabic patterns.
View from the bar
View on the reception
Hotel lobby
Denis Zavjalkin
Interior Designer Riga, Latvia