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Atlas of Sunda

Archiprix International Ahmedabad 2017 - The Archiprix Foundation

Location : Bandung, Indonesia
Typology : Mixed Use
Status : Participants Favourites
Team :
Raynaldo Theodore

The main goal of this project is to avoid a future water crisis. Bandung sets an example as a water regenerative city. Bandung city is surrounded by high land which also provides the main springs for a few cities on Java. Ancient societies obtained clean water from the mountains, but mountanous Indonesia is ironically facing a clean water crisis today. The springs in Bandung cannot be used for daily comsumption because they are contaminated with household and industrial waste. This system, called Atlas, proposes a cloud city (priangan) to maintain water stability for the city. This system can be easily duplicated through adaptions in other cities around the world, particularly in places that do not have access to water sources.

Juries :
Bimal Patel
Frida Escobedo
Yttje Feddes
Marina Tabassum
Steven Smith

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Dennis Cahya Indra
cahyaindradennis@gmail.com Bandung, Indonesia