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Masjid Agung Pemalang

Sayembara Masjid Agung Pemalang 2016 - Pemerintah Kabupaten Pemalang

Location : Pemalang, Indonesia
Typology : Cultural
Status : Undelivered
Team :
Timothy Vittorio
Raynaldo Theodore

Giving an openness atmosphere of a mosque by combining traditional mosque programming with context continuity of public space that is inviting not just to the moslem people, but also to the general public. The pure geometric of white box enhances the purity of a mosque.

Jury :
Ir. Satrio Nugroho, MSi.,IAI.,GP
Titien Woro Murtini, Ir.,MSA.,DR.
Ahmad Sarwadi, Ir.,M.Eng.,DR.Eng
KH. Abdullah Mazduqi, Drs.
Ujianto Mugo Raharjo, SH

Dennis Cahya Indra
cahyaindradennis@gmail.com Bandung, Indonesia