Concert Poster
Standards Guide - There are multiple pages if you download them
Web Design
Magazine Add - This is a magazine ad that goes with the standards guide
3d Ad - This was a project to create new packaging for an existing product
Creative Article
Magazine - Full 4 pg spread with a cover
Travel Web Site
Restaurant Menu (multi paged)
Catalog Spread
This was also a project from school where we were to create an image for a magazine ad.
This was a project from school to create a DVD case for a movie or TV show.
This project as to create a shipping box for a company that they could send there product to customers in.
This was a web home page design for the above project ( Project 6 logo guide), it was to just create a home page design and not to make it actually work.
This we used as a corner piece for banners for bars that wanted a Jazz theme.
This was a schedule for the Mon, Sun & Thur night NFL games for the 2013 season.
This was used as a generic template one year for Halloween, to advertise specials and party's.
This is a menu that was done for a place called Sin City, which is no longer around, but to brag a little they really enjoyed it.
This was an assignment done to show our skills with Illustrator, done with lots of layers.
These were a few table tops I made for The Barbary Coast.
This was a window mesh that was put on the front door of this club.
This was another window mesh that was done to the entire front side of the building.
This one was done for a bar that was having a 70's party. This is just the banner that was made for outside of the building.
my work
Derek Parker
Graphic Designer West Valley City, UT