Custom Cycle Graphics

Graphic integration of coastal artwork on my co-worker's custom bike. This project was a ton of fun and I enjoyed it from concept to final production.

Our design inspiration was derived from the "THUNDERBIRD"
The most powerful supernatural spirit in Northwest Coast Native
mythology and personifies 'chief'. Thunderbird lived high in the
mountains and fished for killer whales when he was hungry. He is often
depicted with his talons clenched into the back of a killer whale,
lifting it from the ocean and soaring through the sky much like an
eagle would prey upon salmon. The flapping of his wings caused the
roar of thunder and lightning flashed from his eyes when he blinked.
The Thunderbird mask has a sharply curved upper beak, similar to that
of the hawk. The curled appendages on the top of his head are power

Derick Harris
Product Development CAD Engineer Greenville, SC