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New York, NY

Apr 23
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It’s pronounced BAN-DOO-HO. Now that’s out of the way, here’s a little bit about us. Officially, we’re a full-service advertising and digital agency in NYC. Unofficially, we’re a collection of passionate creators and thinkers who love to geek out over business-smart strategies and creative ideas. Every morning we check our egos at the door and work together to deliver solutions that get us — and most importantly our clients — excited. We work smart. We hustle hard. We never settle. All while keeping a work-life balance that most agencies envy.

Here’s where you come in. We’re looking for an advertising Copywriter who can think conceptually on the development of new campaigns as well as produce the day-to-day writing, such as emails, landing pages, social media ads, for our many clients. You must have a passion for words and be able to demonstrate to us how you’re able to craft those words to truly connect with consumers and get them to act. If you also have a skill in art direction and design, that’s a huge plus.

We encourage you to apply if any of this describes you.

You ? your portfolio. Want to impress us? Let your work do the talking. Show us examples of ad campaigns, paid social ads, landing pages, emails or other marketing that show your best creative thinking and writing.

You research before you write. Our favorite ad campaigns are the ones that work. Surprise. If you can come to the table with ideas that are grounded in insights and well-thought-out strategies, let’s talk.

You also think digital. If converting is the name of the game, you are the reigning champ. You know digital advertising comes with a different set of everchanging rules, and you’re always on top of best practices.

You have a sense of humor. And you’re not afraid to use it. You know a little bit of quirk can go a long way, both in your writing and in the collaboration process.

You’re an expert adapter. Briefs change and goalposts move, but you have no trouble rolling with the punches in our fast-paced, iterative process.

You edit as well as you write. While everyone at Bandujo loves to brainstorm, we need someone who can fine-tune good ideas until they’re solid, creative executions.

Required Skills:
Please have a portfolio that demonstrates:
• Advertising Campaign Development
• Email Marketing
• Paid Social Ads
• Landing Pages

Bonus Points:
• Art Direction / Design Talent

Interested? Don’t just forward us your resume though. Send your portfolio, and while you’re at it, include a cover letter, too. You’re a writer after all — it’s the least you can do!

Bandujo Advertising + Design

It's pronounced ban-doo-ho.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s talk about who we are. The easy answer is we’re a New York City full-service advertising, direct and digital agency. But there’s lots of those. So, what do our clients say makes us special? Of course, there’s the roll up our sleeves, we’re in this together attitude. The honest, thoughtful counsel. And the always doing what’s best for them—not for us—way we run things.

But to us that’s not enough. What our clients will tell you make us really special is that we think. Yes, we really think about how to create the most openable email or direct mail. The most compelling digital or social ads. The smartest ad campaigns. Every time, from the smallest assignment to the largest. And because we think, our clients aren’t sending us back to start over on creative. To start over on strategy. It’s right from day one.