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Book Designer / Graphic Designer

at a Confidential Company

Nov 10
Job Description

We are looking for a graphic designer to assist in the design and layout of an ongoing research/art project. The project involves updating and adjusting the current layout of a 2500 page Encyclopedia. Text and images have been complied; your role would be to layout this information in InDesign in a way that allows for easy updates/revisions to be made. There is a currently InDesign layout to use as a reference. High proficiency and experience in InDesign will be required for this role.

Services and Deliverables
• Review current files (text and images) and compile any missing information.
• Create automated page templates based on previous design layout. Utilize image meta data, linking, and text variables to streamline for future edits.
• Revised Encyclopedia needs to include new entries (approx. 50)
• Content includes text and images in alphabetically ordered chapters, number of indexed entries, introduction, bibliography and table of content.
• InDesign book should be print-ready and accompanied by checklist/guide explaining how the document has been set up and how to update it correctly.
Specific tasks include –
• Compile text from previous version and add new text entries to correct chapter areas
• Link text via Word document
• Images need anchored in InDesign to text to allow for easy updates
• Images must be accompanied by captions and sub-captions. This should be automated for easy updates, potentially by using image metadata.
• Update and automate index and bibliography
• Pages must have headers which contain the first entry title on left page and last entry title on right page. Must be automated and include page numbers.

Timeline can be discussed and determined at outset once role has been reviewed in more depth
• Review current files
• Create a task list and highlight any missing information
• Asses need to edit image data or other ways of automating image and text content
• Compile and organize text and image files
• Update InDesign Book template and begin placing content
• Create guide on how to update entries

• Please send resume and example portfolio to the following address:
• Role can be carried out remotely
• Interview and discussion can be carried out over Zoom