Job Description

A Chameleon-like agency focused on food and beverage, is looking to foster and evolve a new era with ON-SITE design talent. No one pathway, pedigree, perspective, or previous employment is wrong. Only requirements: thoughtful, obsessive, creative mindsets who can apply strategic design thinking and craft to a broad spectrum of assignments. 3-5 years minimum experience in brand building and design. Get super hands-on and see your ideas through from phase one, to tangible production. Our client demands range from mass-market to start-up on anything from formulation, to package design, to a launch campaign.

Safari Sundays

Safari Sundays is a creative agency that has traveled the globe to build a collective of innovative makers, misfits, thinkers, and dreamers within the realm of food and beverage. With a global perspective, we create new brands in emerging categories and strategically refresh established brands to make them culturally relevant. Since 2006, Safari Sundays has been the secret weapon for some of the world's leading brands, an agency with significant reach, working with the likes of Pepsico, LVMH, 7-Eleven, CVSHealth, Heineken, Constellation Brands, Anheuser Busch, Reckitt Benckiser, and Hyundai. Our practices and offerings include insight research, branding, campaign, and new product launch operations. Our office is located in Tribeca, NYC.