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Creation of icons and illustrations for the CALP Network

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Jan 10
Job Description

Project aims
We would like to work with an illustrator to develop a set of illustrations that can be used throughout CALP Network communications across a variety of channels (web, social media, publications, email). The illustrations should be consistent with CALP’s current brand guidelines and values. We seek to show the diversity of people working to support people in crisis through humanitarian work, and also people in crisis themselves. Above all else we would like the illustrations to convey our core belief in choice and dignity for people in crisis. As part of this work we are also asking for an illustrator to expand on our icon library, in line with a predetermined style.

Proposal should include:

- Link to your portfolio and highlighting in particular which pieces would be most similar in style to the illustrations you would work on for CALP – please include a short narrative explaining your thinking.
- Price quotation with cost per illustration/icon for each category (A through E). Please add any additional information you’d like to provide against each service, offers should be presented in Euros.
- Proposed workplan and timeframe to deliver each of the services listed above – ideally, we would like to complete this work by the end of May 2023 although if it could be completed sooner that would be welcome.
- A CV (max three sides)
- Indication of your availability to work in the first half of 2023.

Follow this link to view full Terms of Reference and details:

Application Details

Interested candidates are required to submit their Technical & Financial Proposals to and, indicating the subject: “Creation of icons and illustrations for the CALP Network”, no later than 22 January 2023.

Note: Financial and technical proposal should be valid for 90 days

CALP Network

About the CALP Network
The CALP Network is a dynamic global network of over 90 organisations engaged in the critical areas of policy, practice and research in humanitarian cash and voucher assistance (CVA) and financial assistance more broadly. Collectively, CALP members deliver the vast majority of humanitarian CVA worldwide.

What makes the CALP Network unique is its diversity. CALP members currently include local and international non-governmental organisations, United Nations agencies, the Red Cross/Crescent Movement, donors, specialist social innovation, technology and financial services companies, researchers and academics, and individual practitioners.

Together we seek to better meet the needs and improve the outcomes for people affected by crisis. To do this we ensure that CVA is a central, scalable component of quality, timely and appropriate humanitarian assistance, and that the need to sustain positive outcomes for people over the longer term is considered.