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May 1
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We are one of the largest school furniture providers and we sell furniture from the kindergarten to the university level. We been in business since the last 20 years and we have a reputation of providing good quality furniture.


The competition has increased drastically in the last few years and we are facing a problem with high production costs and lower profit margins.


60% of our sales comes from classroom desks and chairs which are used for primary to high school seating.

The desk below is our largest selling product and comes in a single and double seater option.

It has a 50x25 mm oval pipe with gas riveted accessories and a PVC injection molded MDF top which protects the edge binding to become loose.

It has a powder coated surface.

The Chair has a blow mold seat and back.

The desk and chair come fully assembled and we incur a huge cost in logistics and warehousing.

The problem we are facing is that it is an easy desk to manufacture and is being made by small manufacturers all over the country at much lower prices than what we produce it at.


We need to design a desk which costs about 45 USD to produce for a table and 2 chairs.

The design has to be knocked down.

It has to have easy and quick assembly.

It has to use some technology in terms of design or molds which make it difficult to copy it.

We should be able to give a 10-year warranty on the desk and chairs.

Innovative materials besides metal and wood can be used.

We would require a prototype of the proposed design.