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Design Engineer II - Lighting

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Salt Lake City, UT

Oct 1
Job Description

The design engineer works in tight coordination with an industrial designer on all aspects of design for each product they are assigned to. The design engineer is specifically responsible for the concept, strength, physical layout, quality, durability, manufacturability, dimensioning/tolerancing, material selection and manufacturing process selection. The ideal candidate will have experience in consumer electronics and design for plastic injection molding.

Essential Functions:

Create in-line and new designs for projects ranging from simple to very large and complex.
Generate concepts through brainstorming and other creative processes.
Create CAD models of parts, sub-assemblies and assemblies.
Select appropriate materials and manufacturing processes.
Analyze all parts, sub-assemblies and assemblies to ensure designs are adequate for the intended use.
Perform geometric dimensioning and tolerancing for all parts, sub-assemblies, and assemblies of each product designed.
Generate, in cooperation with a Quality Assurance Engineer, a complete test plan to validate products.
Work closely with the Industrial Designer and the Developer to ensure the selected vendor is building parts and products to the design intent.
Follow and adhere to the timeline requirements of the assigned project.
Process design change orders in a timely and accurate manner.
Research new materials and technologies for potential use for Black Diamond products.
Travel domestically and internationally to conduct research, work with vendors, attend tradeshows and other job-related functions.



Required: Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering or other closely related field.
Preferred: Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering or other closely related field.

Work Experience

Required: 5 years of post-graduation experience in a Mechanical Engineering Role.
Preferred: 7 years post-graduation experience in Engineering Product Design.

Alternative Qualifications:

15 Years direct experience in product design related field in consumer products will substitute for minimum degree requirement.

Skills and general experience:

Must have a proven track record of creative problem solving, an understanding of stress/strain calculations, basic finite element analysis, the ability to analyze and select appropriate materials and manufacturing processes, model complex parts and assemblies in CAD, create technical drawings including appropriate geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, build rough prototypes, and must possess an in-depth working knowledge of the sports of climbing, skiing, mountaineering and all other activities for which we design products. In addition, this position requires the ability to conduct research, present project status, communicate clearly, meet deadlines, use word processing, spreadsheets, email and other basic computer skills.

Required licenses:

Driver’s License, Passport.

Application Details

Must apply on company's website.

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