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Design Intern- Brendan Ravenhill Studio

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Los Angeles, CA

Nov 23
Job Description

The Brendan Ravenhill Studio Design Internship is not your typical design position. As a
member of the Studio’s design team, the Design Intern plays an important role in the
process of getting Studio design projects from idea to reality. The Design Intern must have a passion for graphic design, a familiarity or interest in photography, and a willingness to take on new challenges, Working with both the Design Director and the Senior Product Designer the Design Intern will work to help bring the Studio’s new designs to market through the creation of marketing and collateral assets. In addition to graphic design responsibilities, as a member of the Studio design team, the Design Intern will also help draw, render and prototype our new products and the build-out of our physical space. The Design Intern will gain the experience of finding out how a lighting design studio brings an idea to life, from concept to final build and pack out.

- Digital Asset Creation
- Photography
- Client Facing Collateral
- CAD Modeling
- Physical prototyping

- Supportive research and development
- Vendor researching for prototyping
- Construction of our physical space

- 2+ years of work/school experience in the field of design (or a related field)
- Fully proficient in the Adobe Suite
- Photography experience
- Social media familiarity
- An innate passion for design
- Strong visual communication skills
- Ability to work well with a team
- Familiarity with design language, heritage, and market
- Proficiency in crafting physical models
- Ability to communicate via hand sketching
- Some experience with the following computer programs::
• Sketchup
• Solidworks
• Microsoft Suite, G Suite

This job is great for those looking for an entry-level position in the world of design and
manufacturing. This is a paid in-person position starting out as part-time, with an expectation of 24/hrs a week for the first 1-2 months and growing into a full-time role by the 2nd to 3rd month. The working hours can be somewhat flexible, though with an expectation to work 9-5. The opportunity for the internship to turn into a full-time role at the end of the term may be available based on Studio capacity and individual performance. Prior experience or relevant education is a plus but not a deal-breaker. We value interest and attitude as much as experience.

If this sounds like you please send all applications to with the following:
* A cover letter explaining why you want to join Brendan Ravenhill Studio, what drives
you creatively and an example of your problem-solving skills (this can be a story, an
object, anything that demonstrates the way you think and work). We expect a large
number of inquiries so use this letter to impress us and let us know why you should
be considered.
* Resume
* Examples of your work
* Two professional references
* Date you can start
* Compensation requirements

Brendan Ravenhill Studio

Brendan Ravenhill Studio specializes in lighting, furniture, and product design. Since its founding in 2010, the studio has explored material, function, and manufacturing methods to create a body of work that we hope you love. Our products are devoid of excess and ornament, striving for a logical celebration of physics, material, and craft. We are inspired to create in a world already full of things because we believe that well-designed objects embody original ideas. We find great reward in making thoughtful work and we’re proud to build all of our pieces in the USA.