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Footwear Designer

Faryl Robin k

New York, NY | Onsite or Remote Possible

Nov 15
Job Description

Business Needs
• Our footwear designs are represented effectively in digital form
• Spec sheets are clear and easy for our product development team and agents to understand
• Our retailers’ feedback is incorporated into our spec sheets, sales samples, and confirmation samples
• We achieve the dates set in our development calendars for presenting merchandise to our retailers
• Our product presentations to retailers are professional and reinforce our brand communication strategy

Digital Design (50%)
1. Create CADs for concepts and designs for the current season
2. Develop designs using 3D software for modeling, rendering, and digital asset management
3. Work with our 3D specialist to utilize 3D design assets for presentations

Spec Sheets (20%)
1. Work with product development to plan seasonal sample requests and development calendars
2. Create detailed, digital spec sheets to guide the sample development process
3. Work with product development to ensure spec sheets meet our standard for clarity

Retailer Presentation and Communication (15%)
1. Work with the retailer’s communication portal to communicate status of design, samples, and other
retailer product requests
2. Prepare digital content for use in design presentations to the retailers
3. Set up and maintain the showroom, with current season samples. Rotate seasonal collections and
dispose of unused and old samples.
4. Take notes during customer meetings, noting changes/additions needed for next round
5. Take notes during fittings, noting changes that need to be made to styles

Trend Tracking and Research (10%)
1. Conduct trend research across media and at retail
2. Create digital trend, silhouette, color, and material boards
3. Utilize our digital product research and trend tracking tools to identify and support trend/category/item

Material/Component Management (5%)
1. Research, identify, and meet with new material and component suppliers
2. Use our digital design portals to share inspiration, materials, and ideas with others in the organization
3. Maintain digital materials & components libraries

Faryl Robin

• Faryl Robin Statement of Purpose: We are fierce advocates for empowering people with the best footwear choices for them.
• Faryl Robin Vision: We see a world where everyone, regardless of age, identity, ethnicity, size, physical limitations, financial means, and fashion sensibility can find shoes that make them feel empowered and honored.
• Faryl Robin Mission: We will empower all those who want to be true to themselves, by offering footwear that incorporates out-of-the-box thinking, thoughtful design, and high value. We aim to improve the lives of all those we touch, in pursuit of our mission.