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Image Researcher


Santa Monica, CA

Apr 6
Job Description

We’re seeking a discerning Image Researcher with a keen eye for aesthetics and an encyclopedic knowledge of visual culture to enrich our esteemed team in Santa Monica.

This role is on-site 5 days a week at our Santa Monica Office.

Role Overview:

As an Image Researcher, you will curate and manage our extensive reference library, providing invaluable resources to help visually translate our directors' innovative visions into tangible expressions. Your role is pivotal in inspiring creativity and fostering an environment of artistic exploration.

Key Responsibilities:
Curate a dynamic and expansive reference library, meticulously organizing images, film clips, artworks, and other visual materials.
Collaborate closely with directors and internal teams to understand and interpret creative briefs, ensuring the visual resources align with the project's vision and tone.
Conduct thorough research across a variety of sources, including film archives, art galleries, and digital platforms, to find the perfect visual references.
Maintain up-to-date knowledge of current trends in cinema, art, and culture, integrating this awareness into your research and curation efforts.

Proven experience as an Image Researcher or similar role, with a portfolio demonstrating your eye for compelling visuals and cultural trends.
Passionate cinephile with an expansive knowledge of film history, art movements, and contemporary visual culture.
Exceptional visual memory and the ability to recall and source images quickly and efficiently.
In Depth knowledge of visual techniques
Proficiency in graphic design tools, including Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign) and familiarity with additional software such as Capture One, Lightroom, and After Effects.
Excellent organizational skills, with the ability to manage a large and varied collection of visual materials.
Strong communication and collaboration abilities, with a talent for working closely with creative individuals to realize their vision.
Agile and adaptable, capable of working under pressure and meeting tight deadlines without compromising on quality or creativity.

Application Details

If you're driven by a desire to shape the future of visual storytelling and resonate with our mission, we invite you to apply. Please send your resume, a cover letter explaining why you're the perfect fit for this role, and a portfolio of relevant work.


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