Industrial Design Manager

Qore Performance, Inc. k

McLean, VA

Jul 2
Job Description

This is a senior position reporting directly to the CEO of a tiny and fast-growing cash-flow positive, national-award-winning, startup. It is a critical path role, requiring you to take our consistently amazing conceptual innovations from the level of concept to production-ready product. We are looking for someone to oversee both hard and soft goods design, prototyping, fabrication, production and, eventually, oversee specialists in each of these areas. We are looking for top tier talent and skills such as graduates of Art Center, FIDM, RISD, SCAD or similar. We’re looking for someone committed to seeing their work realized and used in the field to improve, and even save, lives. We seek someone eager for a design cycle measured in months, not years, demanding life-and-death design integrity. Are you looking to create disruptive tech, not incremental improvements? Do you have the people skills to build, coach, and manage a team? Do you seek a life of adventure and invention and service to America? Apply today.

Our Industrial Design Lead/Manager will handle:

1. Soft Goods: cut & sew, prototyping, pattern making, nesting, tech pack assembly, materials sourcing, bill of materials assembly, QC standards author;
2. Hard Parts: CAD drawings, materials sourcing, prototyping, QC standards author, assists Comptroller with contract tech specs;
3. Identify, source, supervise manufacturing partner/in-house requirements.

Requires proficiency in Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Accumark; familiarity with the following highly preferred: Fusion360, Shapr3D, SolidWorks or equivalent, 3D printing, lamination, laser cutting, RF/Ultrasonic Welding, and other modern construction methodologies.

Must be willing to relocate to the Washington, DC area. Remote working is not a possibility for this position.

NOTE: International candidates must hold a valid US working permit.

Qore Performance, Inc.

Qore Performance develops ground breaking innovations in temperature regulation and human performance. Our flagship product, IcePlate, is a wearable hydration system that uses the power of ice to cool the body. We've sold tens of thousands of IcePlates to end-users on six continents; our products are also in use at 400+ commercial and government installations. Last summer, our customers worked over 200,000 man hours without a single heat injury, saving both lives and dollars.