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Industrial Designer

Fox Factory Performance Vehicle Development

Birmingham, AL

Sep 29
Job Description


- Interpret sketches and develop CAD models of moderately complex components, assemblies, and subassemblies.
- Focus on satisfying aesthetic criteria amidst chances to infuse personal style into designs.
- Incorporate engineering requirements, manufacturing processes, and material properties into the design progression.
- Proactively approach design, automatically solving for, or knowing when to escalate, foreseen problems before they become unmanageable.
- Solicit feedback from service and installation personnel to continuously improve and inform the designs.
- Solve technical challenges and validate concepts through appropriate studies with pre-production prototypes and first article samples.
- Participate in Design Reviews and creative brainstorming sessions, both scheduled and informal, with peers, management, and strategic brand partners.
- Participate in Design for Manufacturing Reviews between the design team and suppliers for refinement of part & tool designs and identification of process opportunities.
- Track multiple project imperatives towards goals and report to management at key milestones.
- Ensure the complete, accurate, and timely creation and maintenance of design drawings, including production prints, quality prints, & related documents.
- Implement design & engineering changes with clear and concise documentation as required.
- Contribute to the continued evolution of the team’s workflows and processes to further improve quality and performance.
- Stay current with design trends, new technology, and competitive products.
- Actively pursue personal improvement and take advantage of learning opportunities.
- Be an executor who derives satisfaction from completing objectives, chasing down answers, and fine-tuning every detail until a design is right.

Desired Characteristics:

- Strong visual, verbal, & written communication skills, with the ability to distill complex subjects to a wider audience.
- Solid understanding of drafting techniques and familiarity with engineering terminology.
- Experience with a variety of manufacturing processes and fabrication methods (i.e. injection molding, thermoforming, stamping, extrusion, etc.)
- Prolific and iterative approach, instinctively generating a large volume of potential solutions to problems.
- Relentless commitment to exchange critical dialogue, with an objective self-awareness towards defending design decisions.
- Discernment to screen out bad ideas and identify good ones, ignoring ego and avoiding attachment to any one idea.
- Tactful ability to build consensus and drive team decision making to accomplish objectives.
- Excellent interpersonal skills to effectively collaborate and engage with team members.
- Flexible attitude towards shifting work priorities, handling change smoothly and with agility.
- High personal work ethic, with a dedication to overcome and embrace new challenges. Eat challenges for breakfast.
- Readiness to implement and improve design best practices and design tools.
- Evidence of strong character with integrity, honesty, and accountability.
- Passionate about the automotive and transportation industry.
- Willingness to work long hours as needed.


- Bachelor’s Degree with a major in Product Design, Industrial Design, Engineering, or related field.
- 3+ years of relevant design experience.
- Intermediate skill-level in CAD software and tools; preferred platforms include Rhino, SolidWorks, & Alias.
- Demonstrated creative proficiency with supporting portfolio.

Fox Factory Performance Vehicle Development

Fox Factory Performance Vehicle Development is a special vehicles manufacturer of General Motors, Ford, Ram, Jeep, and Nissan trucks and SUVs. Since 1979, we’ve built over 200,000 custom vehicles from one of four state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Alabama, Colorado, Georgia, and Indiana. Our exclusively designed, expertly manufactured vehicles are distributed to over 2,000 partnering dealerships across the US and in select international markets, where they are available for sale with factory warranty, FMVSS compliance, lender retail financing options, and an increased capacity for adventure.