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Industrial Designer

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Delanco, NJ

May 11
Job Description

The Industrial Designer will be responsible for prototyping and developing furniture designs through CAD and fabrication techniques, working alongside Design and Engineering teams.
Essential Job Responsibilities
Project Management
• Capable of projecting and keeping timelines for general tasks and project milestones
• Taking initiative to drive projects through development
Responsible for the creation of SolidWorks CAD to facilitate prototype fabrication
• Advanced knowledge of SolidWorks, creating multi-part assemblies, surface modeling, and using mold tools
• Creation of detail, part, and assembly drawings
Employs fabrication techniques and industry knowledge to develop and test new product designs
• Displays general knowledge of materials and manufacturing processes related to the industry: molding, milling, sheet-metal work, extrusions, bent plywood, upholstery, etc.
• Employs craftsmanship to create physical models using machines and hand-tools, for the purpose of testing the fit, form, and function of new designs
Acts as an integral member of the Design and Engineering teams working on New Product Development
• Supports Designers and Engineers with Product Development tasks
• Communicates project progress and challenges in a timely manner to project stakeholders
• Coordinates with machine shop for metal fabrication parts
• Participates in appropriate team meetings
Responsible for helping maintain shop order
• Help initiate and implement 5S strategies within the shop
• Help ensure Designers and Engineers maintain shop cleanliness, machine upkeep, and project organization

Qualifications / Skills / Experience
• BS in Design or Engineering, or equivalent
• SolidWorks Proficiency
• Demonstratable prototyping and workmanship skills
• CNC Mill programming and operating knowledge
• Shop maintenance and machine upkeep experience
• Creative problem solving and troubleshooting abilities

Stylex Inc

In 1956, the Golden family launched Stylex to address opportunities they perceived for more refined seating. Their idea was not simply to be a better seating manufacturer, but also to understand seating better... how it is used and how it complements its surrounding environment. Today, the company is owned and run by Bruce and John Golden. While much has changed over more than 50 years, the foundation and vision on which the company was built remains. Our goal is to apply our experience together with an enterprising, inventive spirit. There's no 'second string' at Stylex, and everyone from our CEO to our receptionist works with customers, specifiers, and designers every day. That, in turn, lets us better understand and more rapidly refine the aesthetics, performance, value, and service that create truly engaging products.