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Intern, Industrial Design

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Redwood City, CA

Jul 19
Job Description

The Job:

Our Redwood City engineering team is looking for a currently enrolled or recently graduated Industrial Design intern who demonstrates both consulting professionalism and start-up adaptability. The successful candidate will create unique design concepts that consider material selection, surface finish, color, form factor, and manufacturing processes. In addition, candidates must be able to navigate other hands-on activities with gusto; this may include inspection of recently machined parts, assembly of laboratory furniture and equipment, successfully running 3D printers and CNC milling machines, or whatever else a given project demands. A dream intern is one who not only excels at the academic component of design, but also has a deep personal hunger for creation that permeates all aspects of their life.

The Responsibilities:

-Create engrossing designs through ideation, individual contribution, and group communication
-Help solve day-to-day challenges in an organized and positive manner
-Coordinate with suppliers to spec materials and processes for projects
-Leverage Make & Scale’s cross-disciplinary environment for personal growth as well as group contribution
-Manage multiple projects simultaneously using effective time management skills
-Present designs with articulate and confident presentation techniques

The Qualifications:

-Passion for industrial design with corollary hands-on experience
-Degree (completed or in progress) in industrial design or equivalent
-Strong sketching and model making skills
-Experience with UI/UX and graphic design
-Effective communication and presentation skills
-Curated portfolio with concrete stance surrounding design in general

Application Details

Please submit your resume along with a portfolio (PDF or website).

NOTE: International candidates must hold a valid US working permit.

Make & Scale

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