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Mechanical Design Engineer


Portland, OR

Sep 24
Job Description

FUSE, an award winning Industrial design and product development firm in Portland, OR is looking for a clever mechanical engineer to conceive, verify and model design concepts in preparation for prototyping and production. Our ideal candidate must be comfortable working as the sole engineer as well as collaborating heavily with industrial designers competent in mechanical design. The position involves efficient 3D CAD modeling of visual designs into manufacturable components. This position provides a fun and engaging opportunity to constantly problem solve and brainstorm new ideas in search of the best and most beautiful solution. When unsure of how to solve a problem, the candidate will seek out experts to validate designs.

Project scope is extremely varied and ranges from consumer electronics to athletic footwear to athletic equipment to industrial products and accessories.

When exploring kinematic solutions, the candidate must be willing to brainstorm many possibilities and rank them according to feasibility, cost, production methods, client requirements, etc. Client provided requirements are often minimal or unclear and must be generated and reviewed by the design team.

The candidate must not be afraid to explore user scenarios and ask questions about how the product will be used. The candidate will collaborate on everything from research , concept generation to aesthetic design to kinematic system concept generation to human interaction. Work often entails extensive aesthetic revision to a design that might otherwise be complete from a mechanical perspective.

Required Qualifications:
• Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and strong mechanical aptitude
• Experience with designing kinematic mechanisms preferred (e.g. snaps, living hinges, press fits, friction bearings)
• Excitement and willingness to explore new technologies and sectors within design and engineering.
• Collaborative approach to design and engineering. Ask for help, consider ideas from all sources. Don’t be afraid to argue or be argued with on all aspects of design.
• Working knowledge of manufacturing processes, for final production and prototyping (e.g. injection molding, stamping, extruding, machining, rapid prototyping)
• Mastery of SolidWorks for part and assembly design with surfacing skills preferred {Qualified candidates must be able to create organic surfaces}
• Experience generating complete technical drawing packages
• Knowledge of structural mechanics and materials science, with the ability to analyze strength of designed parts (with and without FEA)
• Experience with thermoplastics, injection molding, and plastic part design (e.g. incorporating appropriate draft and parting lines, minimization of tooling complexity)
• Experience with 3D printing is a must
• Excellent communication skills, with the ability to effectively convey design ideas both verbally, graphically in presentation documents, by sketching and in writing. We need to be able to tell great stories about our solutions.
• Proficiency with working with Industrial designer generated surface models for exterior control
• Proficiency with Microsoft Office applications
• A great deal of Product Love
• A good sense of humor is a must

Desired Qualifications:
• A creative eye for mechanical problem solving while maintaining aesthetic design features
• Shop and model making experience. The best prototypes are the ones that work. Our ideal candidate will take ownership over a prototype and do what it takes to make it work for the client. We have a small shop and great relationships with machine shops in the area. Often the candidate will need to choose which prototype processes are necessary and explain that to the client.

• Proficiency with Adobe CS ( illustrator and Photoshop ) f or design presentations to client is super helpful

Application Details

If the above sounds like you, please include a resume and your portfolio (or a link) that showcases your genius. Thanks!


FUSE, if anything is eclectic. Our projects and subsequent products span categories from athletic footwear to low tech and high tech sporting goods, office furniture to consumer and industrial electronics.

This variability certainly requires nimbleness, but rewards our partner/clients with the ability to to benefit from this cross pollination. For example, what we learn in cycling may certainly have benefit to task furniture.

While the majority of our work is reactive to our clients' needs, some of our work is proactive. Meaning: we've identified a unique problem and/or opportunity, provide a solution and then partner with a manufacturer to commercialize said product.

Our aim is to provide contextually correct design solutions that connect emotionally to the user.