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Mid - Sr Industrial Designer / Design Engineer

WhiteBoard Product Solutions k

Minneapolis, MN

Jul 16
Job Description

Seeking an product designer with strong rapid visualization, sketching and verbal communication skills. One that’s passionate about designing products to look great based on a solid design for manufacturing foundation. Applicants should be good with mechanisms, problem solving, and have experience with SolidWorks. They should be able to lead or work within a collaborative and cross-functional team environment. They should be comfortable with projects that require innovation in design and process.

To Qualify for a Designer Position at WhiteBoard, You Must Possess:

•An extremely high skill level of rapid visualization and sketching techniques
•Very Strong 3D CAD skills – SolidWorks proficiency including surfacing is a must
•Experience with 2D visualization programs (Illustrator/Photoshop/In-Design/KeyShot)
•A natural ability to think on your feet; a passion for solving problems
•A very strong sense of form but with consideration for Design for Manufacturing
•A strong initiative and ability to listen, understand, ideate, and define expectations
•Excellent interpersonal skills (need to interact with all sorts of people in this environment)
•The ability to lead or work within a collaborative and cross-functional team of engineers, designers, and model makers
•The ability to add innovative and productive to a wide range of projects
•The ability to manage projects from concept through release for production

Beneficial Skills:

•Soft goods prototyping
•Experience with agency requirements (FDA, ISO, UL)
•Basic understanding of electronics
•IT experience

Why WhiteBoard? WhiteBoard product designers are exposed to many projects ranging from toys to medical devices, learning and growing on every project. Work in our state-of-the-art facility with a talented team and process, based on over 30 years of product development expertise.

We wear a lot of hats; you will listen, understand, challenge, collaborate, brainstorm, ideate, define, design, execute, prototype, verify, validate, document, learn, get it done and have fun.

Application Details

Please be prepared to provide examples of work.

WhiteBoard Product Solutions

WhiteBoard Product Solutions is an award-winning design and engineering firm with over 30 years of experience creating innovative products for our clients to succeed in their marketplace. In partnership with our clients, we build teams of collaborating minds and diverse abilities, all focused on a united goal—to create successful product solutions that satisfy market demands, manufacturing requirements, and profit expectations.

Ideas are only as good as the team that can bring them to reality. Our team is an agile collective of designers, engineers, model makers, and strategists supporting each other to the best possible result. With a culture of collaboration, our environment builds universally skilled innovators.

Our culture is high-energy, with an intense passion for getting to the best solution based on each projects unique reality, (Form Follows Reality™) This process leads to proven results that encompass a wide range of industries—from medical, consumer, sporting goods, electronics, fitness equipment, and toys.

WhiteBoard creates an environment to foster our team’s forward-thinking and progressive work. With our 23,000 sq. ft. facility in Minneapolis, Minnesota, WhiteBoard is one the largest product development firms in the Midwest.

A full-service product development company is only as good as the communication that takes place within it. Our facility was purposefully designed to promote collaboration – a process which begins with our clients and continues to involve them throughout a project’s life. And, our open atmosphere encourages the sharing of ideas and information within the departments as well as between them.