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New York, NY

Jan 17
Job Description

Position: Production Manager (Lighting & Furniture)
To manage, coordinate and monitor the production, and logistics of the studio at all levels from prototyping, to production of standard and custom products.

PRODUCTION (Supervision, Monitoring, Outsourcing, Value Engineering, Quality Control, Budgeting)
• Weekly meetings and reports on production, tracking deliverables, and quality control on-site (vendors shops, warehouse, stores and showrooms)
• Weekly site visits or remote virtual meetings with vendors, contractors, and consultants to supervise, track progress schedule, and manage issues with production including final Q.C.
• Coordinate and inform the sales team and the studio management with all production status
• Maintain a detailed production log and create simple progress charts with production status, issues and completion dates
• Track budgets and payments to production team, vendors and consultants
• Track budgets all productions expenses, from prototyping to production in general
• Manage, coordinate and purchase inventory of parts and components for all production and logistic needs
• Vendor sourcing (metalwork, woodwork, glass blowing, leather, etc.)
• Material sourcing including sample management (metal, wood, glass, ceramic, stone, leather, upholstery, etc.)

LOGISTICS (Shipping, Handling, Crating, Tracking, etc.)
• Help the sales team with any issues related to sourcing, buying, crating, shipping, timing and (rarely) installation
• Coordinate and execute crating, shipping and delivery domestic and international

PRODUCT CARE (Troubleshooting, Customer Service, Product care, Repairs, etc.)
• Troubleshoot and outsource any potential issues related to the products sold by Lumifer
• Assist and coordinate with subcontractor, vendors, artisans and clients any potential product malfunction and outsource and coordinate solutions including but not limited to vendor’s shop visits and client’s visits
• Coordinate with showrooms and e-commerce retailers on any issues related to the products sold by Lumifer
Requirements and Details
• Full time position
• NYC based (Manhattan and Brooklyn)
• 2-5 years’ experience
• Benefits (Health Insurance + 401K) after 3 months of employment
• Salary based on experience and qualification
• No overtime paid
• Yearly bonus based on performance and sales