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Product Development/CAD Specialist

Walters Wicker k

Teterboro, NJ | Onsite or Remote Possible

May 18
Job Description

The Product Development/CAD specialist will establish new in-house CAD capabilities for Walters, reporting to the VP of Operations. The PD/CAD specialist will support Walters’s Project Directors and clients on custom product development, work with the CEO and VP Sales & Marketing and outside design consultants to develop standard product, and interface with Walters’s factory and off-shore manufacturing partners. They will develop complete design and production drawings, work with the factories to resolve any production problems, and oversee quality control. They will likewise coordinate with the in-house upholstery department. The successful candidate will have excellent CAD skills, production knowledge and experience, strong organizational and communication skills, and will cultivate awareness of the outdoor/hospitality furniture industry and competitive landscape.

• In a role that is both market-facing and factory-facing, work across departments and support the Project Directors, sales organization, and the VP of Operations, reporting to the VP of Operations
• Establish robust in-house CAD capabilities at Walters
• Participate in development of custom product
o Work closely with sales and project staff, customers and designers
o Develop CAD design drawings and renderings and presentations to sales staff and customers/external designers
• Develop standard product for hospitality, A&D and residential in coordination with the CEO/CFO, VP of Sales & Marketing and outside design consultants
• Oversee production of all custom and standard product
o Coordinate closely with VP of Operations on fabrication and logistics
o Interface with production facilities (Asian factories and in-house upholstery operation) to ensure design fidelity, production and finish quality, cost and timeliness
o Provide clear instruction to factories via design and technical drawings and review/redline all incoming drawings produced by factories
o Evaluate production samples and ensure quality and accuracy of work prior to final production
• Work with Project Directors, VP of Sales & Marketing, and VP of Operations to improve quoting processes and resources, including product archive
• Drive calendar to ensure all deadlines and key dates are met
• Keep current with competitive landscape through research, and prepare internal presentations on developments in product categories, colors and materials
• Maintain a strong working knowledge of material and process technologies applicable to new product development

Walters Wicker

Walters is a leading manufacturer and distributer of outdoor furniture. Since its founding in 1935, Walters has maintained its position as a nimble privately held company in fact and ethos. With its quality custom capabilities, standard product offering, and deep commitment to service, Walters is, at its core, a long-standing partner to the hospitality industry and A&D community. Now at a point where increasing commitment to core programs and existing sales platforms means increasing opportunity, Walters is undertaking a broad strategic growth initiative.
To support this initiative, the company is looking for key players who have talent and ambition to join our team and grow with our company.

We are currently looking for a Product Development/CAD specialist