Job Description

The Senior Color, Material & Finishes (CMF) Designer is a key role within BISSELL’s Consumer Design organization, and is responsible for developing new technologies together with our strategic manufacturing partners. These technologies are aligned to the BISSELL CMF trends and strategy which ultimately improve consumer appeal across the entire product portfolio.

The Senior CMF Designer supports the application of CMF technologies to BISSELL’s Global Development Process (GPD) projects together with the global Industrial Design staff. To facilitate this process, they maintain master standards & samples for all finishes within the BISSELL palette to be used from initial ideation to manufacturing targets.

Together with the Aesthetic Attributes Design Lead, the Senior CMF Designer supports the development of CMF strategies, defines specifications for our portfolio, and matures these technologies towards production feasibility with suppliers. A strong understanding of consumer preference by region, together with strategic knowledge of global design trends drive the prioritization and selection of Color, Finish & Materials technologies.

Maintaining a robust knowledge of CMF manufacturing processes (e.g. injection molding, plating processes, plastics and its variations, hydrographic technologies, real material technologies, IMD/IML technologies, and paint and painting processes) is a must. Recommendations for the continuous improvement and development of new technologies for our suppliers is expected and clearly communicated through technology roadmaps.

BISSELL’s Asia Development Center (ADC) is a strategic location which enables the Senior CMF Designer to nurture relationships with both new & existing manufacturing partners face to face, allows them to investigate manufacturing capabilities and assess their ability to deliver to BISSELL’s specifications. This is goal accomplished in close partnership with BISSELL’s Global Purchasing, Quality & Advanced Development teams which are co-located at the ADC.

The Senior CMF Designer is expected to work in tandem with the Aesthetic Attribute Design Lead, for which the role reports, to balance creativity with technical knowledge and drive BISSELL’s CMF palette to the next level. They proactively challenge our suppliers to improve & evolve their CMF capabilities.


Develop existing supplier CMF capabilities to meet BISSELL’s specifications and strategy
Seeking out new partners / processes for functional & decorative finishes
Engage Craftsmanship & Quality teams to facilitate improvements on manufacturing process
Maintain robust knowledge of strategic technologies and their associated maturity roadmaps
Development of aesthetic attribute master finish specifications & samples for production use
Maintain and organize CMF library at ADC location to facilitate ideation sessions
Oversee color matching labs in Asia to assist in matching modified resins during production
Develop & maintain collaborative relationships with internal & external partners
Work directly with Aesthetic Attribute Lead on Global CMF trends and forecasting
Attend regional CMF trending conferences to maintain core knowledge
Engage BISSELL’s ADC Advanced Development team on new technologies
Collaborate with Industrial Designers in the application of the CMF Strategy on production projects
Create color-call out documents which communicate CMF concepts in early project phases
Oversee execution of physical aesthetic models created with Asia model shop partners
Documentation of CMF application strategy within the (Product Construction Matrix) PCM system


Global strategic thinking and implementation
Continuous Improvement
Oral and written communication with impact
Manage/contribute to multiple dynamic priorities
Professional expertise
Actively seek and share information
Interpersonal/collaborative skills


Degree minimum: Bachelor’s Degree in the Design, (Industrial Design / CMF /Interior Design / or related field)
Experience level: 5-7 years
Experience with designing for a variety of color, finish & material manufacturing processes
Proficient in CMF mastering protocol (checking, viewing, duplication, storage)
Must pass Munsell / Farnworth color acuity test
Fluent in Mandarin and English languages would be ideal - not required?


Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite Programs (Photoshop / Illustrator)
Proficiency in Keyshot rendering software to support digital ideation of CMF concepts
Knowledge of Rhino and or Creo to facilitate digital data reviews
Xrite or equivalent color measuring devices
This position requires the ability to communicate by voice or data while being connected in the office, at home or while traveling by laptop or mobile device regularly without regard to time zone or day of the week.


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