Senior Industrial Designer

Buro North k

Melbourne, Australia

Jul 17
Job Description

Büro North creates better futures by designing impactful experiences within the built environment. We work with smart organisations globally to deliver game-changing outcomes including; increasing pedestrian activity, building loyalty in travelers, healthier patients, happier shoppers, safer residents and more engaged students.

Our studio is led by recognized industry leaders and specialists across experience design; customer centred design, wayfinding, industrial and graphic design. Our interdisciplinary team is committed to creating a better future through design innovation.

Buro North are looking for an exceptionally talented senior Industrial Designer. We are looking for a natural leader, for someone who is passionate about design, who is passionate about making a difference to a users experience within the built environment.

We are designing full user experiences, furniture, lighting, signage and wayfinding, digital and product outcomes for museums, airports, rail stations, sports stadiums, urban and healthcare environments.

If your familiar with ideation, rapid prototyping, user testing, modelling and getting stuck into design then please get in touch.

Application Details

Must be based in Australia, or have an existing work permit to work in Australia.

Buro North

Büro North create richer human experiences in the built environment. We are a recognized industry-leading experience design studio working towards a better future. We work across the transport, culture, education, health, retail and urban sectors. Büro North views user experience as the core essence of our work. We are primarily engaged to promote better interactions between organisations, spaces and their users. Every interaction between the physical, digital and operational environments of an organisation is a touch-point that influences the end user experience. With studios in Melbourne and Sydney, our team works across Australia and abroad. We have delivered projects in the UK, USA, UAE, SE Asia and NZ.