.pixel8 interactive media - Hotsite for .Pixel8. interactive media: shocked content, corporate identity and information design. (http://www.pixel8.com.br)
Pernambuco Traffic Department - Site for Pernambuco's Traffic Department, one of the most visited government sites in Brazil. Besides an attractive layout, the site had major usability implementation, making it more accesible and easier to use. http://www.detran.pe.gov.br
Discover Brazilian Cinema - Parallel to the screenings of Brazilian movies at the 10th Shanghai Film Festival, the Consulate-General of Brazil in Shanghai organized an exhibition of film posters produced by 30 Brazilian designers with the theme “Discover Brazilian Cinema“. For this project, I created the Information Architecture, Layouts, and the HTML coding for the Website of the event, inspired by the original art work by designers Billy Bacon and Bruno Porto.
FASHION & ARTE: Shopping Center Recife - Hotsite site for Shopping Center Recife's first anual fashion event.
icorp. web factory - Icorp wanted something that they would NEVER be able to use with real clients: ultra-hip graphics, non-conventional navigation. My job was to implement it into FLASH. (http://designative.vilabol.uol.com.br/icorp/)
Consulate General of Brazil in Shanghai - Site developed for the Consulate-General of Brasil in Shanghai. (http://www.consbrasxangai.com)
Web Design
Itamar Medeiros
Designer, Speaker and Workshop Facilitator Heidelberg, Germany