Irish Dance - This gorgeous red-headed lass is all set to strut her stuff at a feiseanna, a traditional Irish dance competition that’s as colorful and electrifying as her costume! Irish Dance™ Barbie® doll evokes all the beauty and charm of Gaelic culture. The Celtic-chic ensemble is a striking jade green, reminiscent of Ireland's lush countryside and spirited like the feiseanna itself. Step-dancing has never looked so good!Doll cannot dance.
Mexico - This dark-haired senorita is a wonderful tribute to her native country. The doll wears a tiered dress inspired by authentic Mexican costumes of white, red and green. Dramatic face paint and long braided hair adds to the doll's allure.
Kelly's of the World - Kelly® doll and friends are wearing traditional dress from three wonderful countries in Europe. Each adorable small doll represents one of three countries with their own unique flavor. There is a doll from Germany, famous for its many castles and the Black Forest; a doll from France, known for the Eiffel Tower and fabulous cuisine; and one from Ireland, land of the leprachaun.
Dolls of the World
Sharon Zuckerman
Toy Designer Redondo Beach, CA