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My name is Albert Lee. I am currently an illustrator/Graphic designer working with the NFL in Culver City as a freelance designer. For the past 2 years, I have been working with NFL Network on a variety of projects that include Editorial illustrations, Social content, UX/UI development, promotional content for a variety of shows, and more. Prior to working with the NFL, I worked with an apparel company for a few years and as front end web designer for over 15 years. If you are interested in perusing some of my works, they can be found at the following URLs: You can also see my works live on here: Here are a few select works: "Marquette King Doesn't Care What You Think" (portrait illustration) "A King's Rise" (Photo manipulation/layout) "The Conversation" (Photo manipulation/layout) "Oakland's Own" (portrait illustration) "The Queen of Buffalo" (portrait illustration) "The Sabbatical Year" (Illustration) "Mr. Norman Goes to Washington" (illustration) "An Education in Quarterbacking" (illustration) "The First 33 Weeks" (Illustration) "Everything's Bigger in Texas"(Illustration) "Peyton Manning" (illustration) "Curtain Call" (Illustration) "The Ascent" (Illustration) "Who is Dan Quinn" (Illustration) "The Unbelievable Life of JJ Watt" (illustration) "The Tale of the Tapes" (Illustration) Whether I am designing/developing layouts for websites and mobile apps, or I am creating illustrations for apparel companies, I strive to provide a meaningful product that people can readily relate to on both an aesthetic and emotional level.


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