Airplus is a professional hair drying equipment. It is designed to offer both environmental (silence ,fresh and filtered air, no vibration) and unprecedented ergonomic quality with positive consequences in, health, postural fatigue, and unlimited expressive possibilities for hairstylers.

Airplus offers a suspension system capable of serving the working area from above. The ergonomic terminal, supported by a patented dynamic system,remains suspended in the air ready to follow the hairstylist canceling the weight, and reducing vibration and fatigue.

The arm adjusts horizontally and vertically to fit the needs of the hairstyler during drying. At rest it can be placed upon the wall. Available in three different lengths to suit every type of construction room.

Thanks to the spring release system, which allows the travel of the hose, the terminal has an assisted travel of 180cm. Software manages the air flow and guarantees a perfect control of the drying temperature.

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