The illumination Design Gang proposed for the SHARP Design Contest (Light for Emotional Comfort) consists in a module to which Flat type LED, 10x10 / 20x20 cm technology is adapted.

This module can be used either as a stand alone, or it can be hooked-on to other modules to create a groups of light (Chandeliers, Floor Lamps, etc).

This system allows you to take control of the light inside your home and to use it according to your way of life, culture or lifestyle.

Some of the most interest applications of this system are:
1. Easy-to-use clever interface
2. Energy saving system
3. Suits your lifestlye
4. Lights-up your way
5. Smart hook
6. Monthly summary

This system not only fulfills a present need for low energy consumption but allows the user to discover how fun and incredible it is to live in a future and more sustainable world that does not compromises application with function.

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