I like sit

Are you facebook addicted? Slaves of the "like" button or of posting every instance of your lives? Are you narcisist and maybe a little voyeur? I like sit does for you: your presence online will be more realistic and fun.

I like sit is a double seating chair: a working seat and a comfortable chaise longue, which will change your fb status according to the position chosen by you.
If you are upright and focused, everybody will know you are getting to work.

If you are laidback and relaxed a number of status will indicate please do not disturb or release the gossip.

Your fb wall will also interact with I like sit: a small vibration will warn you when someone writes or comments a post in your wall.

You have never been so comfortable on facebook.

(@Designersblock Milano Design Week 2011 12 - 17 th April)

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