Jasmine is a self produced teapot by Design Gang. It is a ceramic swinging teapot, with a sculpture that aims to rediscover the emotional interaction between man and objects.

Entirely designed and manufactured in Italy by handicraft process, Jasmine is made out of fine ceramic cast in plaster molds. Subsequently glazed with colored glass for alimentary use. Jasmine is born to avoid the need of raising the teapot, hot and heavy, towards the cup, pushing people to learn and discover a new gestures. In front of the teapot above the spout an air hole is was provided to allow a better fluidity while pouring.
Through the rotational movement of the liquid comes out of the frontal teapot spout, filling up the cup.

Design Gang was also in charge of designing the packaging for the teapot, which completes and encloses the product making it ready for commerce and shipment. The pack was designed entirely in simple brown cardboard as a representative sign of the object's craftsmanship.

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