Shampoo - Friendly shapes and colours for these range of 500 ml Polypro family shampoo bottles, designed for Auchan.
Auchan Paint Container - 50 ml Polypro Auchan Paint Container Tranparent to see the real colour Easy handling shape - Large facing - Stackable - Easy to open system - No paint on the hands due to the shape
Tomato Jar - Roung and generous shape for this 400 gr Glass tomato jar designed at IG Design for Cirio, European tomato sauce leader
Knives - Range of knives designed for Auchan. More than 60 references, 3 ranges (metal, wood, plastic) in 3 sizes. 3D rendering on Alias software.
Luxury Water Bottle - Designed for the 2005 Luxepack Design Award Competition. Luxury water bottle, called "La perle du rocher", because the bottle contains precious pearls. 3D rendering on Alias software.
David Desquiens
Aix en Provence, France