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EMANCIPATION IS... BLISS !! - Two contradictions.The concepts of emancipation and bondage or captivity.At two opposite poles, their extreme meanings and adverse connotations only, ironically bind them together.
the very opposing nature of the concepts defined in this verse represents some modern day concepts through this composition. The modern age and our dependence on a mechanical life equals bondage represented by machine parts, and organic shapes signifying our return towards nature ,n emancipation.
. D I F F E R E N T I A L : : C L O U D U L U S . - Though the diversity of forms, functions, and nomenclature of the Akashas (Skies) associated with different receptacles (Clouds ) is admitted, yet this does not imply any real differentiation in akasha itself. The same is the conclusion regarding the Jivas ( Living Beings ). Just as the Sky remains the same in spite of it ‘s various forms and colors which is due to the variety of clouds, The Self ( Atman ) always remains pure and unchanged irrespective of the living Being’s Qualities or Actions.
IF... (Based on Rudyard Kipling's poem IF.)
.FAITH DEPLETED: SIN COMPLETED. - This artwork is a culmination of spontaneous use of certain tools, Including
Graphite Technical pencil on rotten paper(without eraser), Digital Painting, Photo Manipulation and 3D.

Symboloic of Human sins are the Dices which denote vices such as Gambling,
and the Towering Godheads resemble The Megaliths from Easter Islands...which were built and revered much before any relegion took shape.potraying That Afterall, we all pray to the same Spiritual Power...when we do...if we do.
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