Illustration for Action Nicholson Color - This piece illustrated an article on comparisons in a newsletter for Action Nicholson Color Company.
CB illustration for Cutie Bees - Cutie Bees is a start-up company with it's own custom-designed clothing line for children. The line will also include a line of educational toys! The bee will appear in the print design of the fabric and adorn onesies and other "cutie" accessories! Look for this bee to be buzzing around and your local retailer very soon! ;) bzzzzzzz
illustration proposal
illustration proposal
Illustration for a book by Daniel M. Lewis, ph.d. "Prostate Cancer is Funny" - That is supposed to be a match- indicating pain during urination.
San Francisco Rouge Nightclub Table Topper - Work in progress- still waiting for copy...
Little Tikes package design proposal - custom illustration
Proposal for Step 2 Toy Company
idea for website, Patti Smith
idea for website, Patti Smith
Denise Ziganti
Freelance Sr. Designer Cleveland, OH