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Knight-Owl vs. Nite Owl" ('09) - Long story short, the "Watchmen" movie made things more ...difficult for my character... Those who know the whole situation will understand...lol
Little Friend ('10) - ...an experiment to see how much I could draw from memory, while at work... (I do that alot!) ...I like the result!
General Hospital, the cartoon ('06) - I actually like the show, & drew this from memory fooling around at work... eventually I drew out alot of other characters from the show, but this pic is the only one I still have...
"Bigger than Jesus" comes full-circle ('09) - Not looking to offend anyone, but it made ME laugh...
Neill Before Zod ('10) - ...& now you know why Zod was so grouchy... he never could just let it go!
Decided to go "Classic Who" with a portrait of the 4th Doctor accompanied by K-9. (Mostly) done from memory, I made this after all the portraits based on the revived series..
My take on the 2005 revival of Doctor Who... featuring the 9th incarnation of The Doctor, as well as his companions Rose Tyler & Captain Jack Harkness. Although this is the earliest version of the revamped series, this was actually the latest pic of my (modern) DW portrait series.
The 10th Doctor, my first (& favorite) from Doctor Who... This was the first drawing, done from memory when I had only just got into the show (ashamedly only recently) in my series of DW portraits.
From Doctor Who, The 10th Doctor's Companions (from left): Martha Jones, Donna Noble & Rose Tyler... admittedly, at the time I drew this, I had seen the show out of order, & had not yet watched any episodes featuring Rose, so I was unfamiliar with her & I feel it shows here (as opposed to my later drawing of her with the 9th Doctor).
Doctor Who: The 11th Doctor... I gave the TARDIS a more cartoony feel to reflect the more cartoonish nature of this incarnation of The Doctor (I say with great respect for this character!).
Doctor Who, The 11th Doctor's Companions (from left): Amy Pond, Rory Williams & River Song.
From Series 7 of Doctor Who: The 11th Doctor (again) with his newest Companion, Clara Oswald -aka- "The Impossible Girl".
Featured mainly in Series 7 of Doctor Who, The Paternoster Gang (from left): Madame Vastra, Strax & Jenny Flint.
In keeping with the "Doctor Who" portrait series, I decided to try the character-cast of its spin-off "Torchwood": (from left) Toshiko Sato, Owen Harper, Captain Jack Harkness, Gwen Cooper & Ianto Jones.
...because I was bored at work one night, I mashed up 2 iconic characters, Popeye & Wolverine, just to see what happens, & I liked it... for lack of a better name, here's "WolverEYEne"...? & his little teleporting buddy NightJeeper!
Continuing the X-men/Popeye Mash-up theme, Here is "Blutooth" ...I like that name!
More X-men/Popeye for ya... I dunno..."Oylstique"?
My take on Rick & Morty (2017)... Quite possibly my favorite animated show currently running.
A fun collage of Batman's Villain Gallery (2004).
"This is Halloween!!!" (2015). This mash-up of "Tim Burton's a Nightmare Before Christmas" (one of my favorite all-time movies!) & "300" clearly shows how I feel when I see stores putting up Christmas decorations in October... a pet peev of mine.
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Efrain Arana III
Artist, DGAF Comics Bronx, NY